Mitchelstown Cave

One of Europe's Major Show Caves

Guided Tours at Mitchelstown Cave

Mitchelstown Cave

Visitors to the Mitchelstown Cave still buy their tickets from the family home. The cave has been in the same family since its discovery. Tour times can vary but it is certainly worth the wait.

Visitors may think that the entrance is insignificant, in fact it has changed little since Michael Condon made his first cautious steps underground, but don’t be fooled, the subterranean world in the heart of these hills will simply take your breath away by it's sheer scale and depth.

Guides show you through a kilometre of well lit passages although the total length of the system is 3 kilometres.

The temperature may surprise you as it is constant at 12 degrees Celsius making it seem warm in winter and cooler in the summer months.

Tours are provided for all groups. Primary & Secondary school tours, summer camps and coaches are welcome along with families and holiday makers. For overseas groups we are happy for you to bring along a translator and can cater for a longer tour in that circumstance.

<- pictured left " The Organ Pipes"