Mitchelstown Cave – Guided Tour

Visitors to the Mitchelstown Caves still buy their tickets as they have done since Michael Condon discovered the cave in 1833 from the farmhouse near the cave entrance.

You may think that the cave entrance is insignificant, in fact it has changed little since Michael Condon made his first cautious steps underground, but don’t be fooled, the subterranean world in the heart of these hills will simply take your breath away by its sheer scale and depth.

On the guided tour  you will visit caverns in which you are surrounded by indescribable and awe inspiring cave formations. Guides will explain about the history and geology of the cave. Tours are conducted through one kilometer of well lit passageways. The temperature may surprise you as it is constant at 12 degrees Celsius making it seem warm in winter and cooler in the summer months.

Bring a picnic along and enjoy the beautiful panoramic views across the Cork and Tipperary Countryside and the highest inland mountain range in Ireland the Galtee Mountains before your descend underground. Mitchelstown Cave is a must your itinerary while exploring Ireland’s Ancient East or visiting Cork City.

The Mitchelstown Cave Experience

“Upon entering, the world outside seems to become unreal and with every corner turned another indescribable beauty waits to be savoured.”

Visitors enter the cave  through the original entrance that Michael Condon discovered and descend four flights of steps, from that point on the cave is level and you are now following the route of an old stream passage that formed there thousands of years ago. On the guided tour you’ll visit three massive caverns, the largest measuring 51 x 31 metres, with the roof tapering up to 20m height.

It is in this cavern that many concerts have been performed. Your guide will tell you about various events down through the years that have been held in this awe inspiring cavern. The superb acoustics and the vast natural auditorium of the Mitchelstown Cave make for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Words themselves could never do full justice to the Mitchelstown Caves. It has to be seen at leisure, so that its timeless masterpieces become vividly imprinted on one’s memory.