Adult:  €10

Child: €5 (up to 14 years old)

Family Rates

 2 adults up to 2 children (up to 14 years old). €24

 1 adult and 3 children  (up to 14 years old)    €24


Coach Tour and School Tour rates are available.




Planning your visit

There are 88 steep steps into the cave and these have to be climbed again to exit. The visit consists of a walking tour of approximately  1 kilometer.

Sensible footwear is recommended.

Baby back harnesses cannot be worn in the cave.

Due to the number of steps. The cave is not accessible to strollers, prams and wheelchairs.

Dogs are not allowed. With the exception of guide dogs /assistance dogs.

Jackets are advisable as the cave temperature is 12 degrees Celsius.