Upcoming Mitchelstown Cave Concerts 7th,8th,9th July 2017.

  Mitchelstown Cave Concerts return for another year. 7th,8th,9th July  2017. Tickets available on 14th April from junctionfestival.com.

Pop up restaurant in Mitchelstown Cave

  A couple weeks back I was lucky enough to work with the legend that is Takashi Miyazaki. Takashi is

Music in an intimate, breathtaking location of the Mitchelstown Caves

Music in the Cave

Cave Concerts.

Mick Flannery performing 200 ft underground in the Mitchelstown Cave.  The Mitchelstown Cave concerts are always a unique and special

The Legend of Mitchelstown Cave

There is a lake deep in Mitchelstown Cave in a part not open to the public. Local folklore has it

Spring Opening Times

Spring Opening Times February to April: 10 am to 4 pm. 7 days a week